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Warm Ups are a way for students to transition into the art class.  They will also aid in scaffolding students' understanding of the art criticism process.  


Each day Visual Comp. students will copy the warm-up from the board into their provided warm up book (which will stay in the room) and complete the task.  Students will have approximately 5 minutes for this at the beginning of each day.  


 Drawing and Painting students will focus on observational drawings during their warm-up time.  They will choose an object from our still-life collection or something they brought with them.  They will sketch the object for 5 minutes at the beginning of each day.  Their goal is to accurately represent the object with correct proportion, form, and value.


Ceramics will have a hybrid hands on assignment related to the standards or an observational drawing during their warm up time. 


Warm ups will be graded every 2 weeks (due dates will be marked on the monthly calendar that is posted on the bulletin board in the artroom)  Students will be able to earn 5 points extra credit every two weeks if their warm ups are completed satisfactory. 


At the end of the semester, visual comp. students will be able to use their warm up log to study for the final exam, and advanced students will use their warm-up drawings in their culminating portfolio.

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